Euroclima was founded in Spain at the beginning of the sixties, when air­conditioning was starting

to become widespread and almost all of the materials necessary for the installations were imported.

Euroclima is, therefore, one of the best established brands in the sector.

In June, 2001, Euroclima Difusión S.A. opened two warehouses constructed on grounds of over

5,000 m2 in the new industrial estate “El Verdaguer” in Manlleu. Here all the company's products

are manufactured, using the latest generation of machinery to achieve maximum production,

without forgetting the most important rule of Euroclima which is to manufacture to the highest

quality standards.

Euroclima Difusion S.A. in the same year, 2001 obtains the certification for its quality control

system in compliance with the regulation UNE­EN­ISO9001:1994, later obtaining the adaptation

to UNE­EN­ISO 9001:2008.

Euroclima Difusión S.A. still maintains its policy of hand craftsmanship which allows it to

manufacture any new prototype of special characteristics and dimensions in record time. Very few

companies in the sector can boast of this flexibility.

Euroclima Difusión S.A., has at its disposal, a high qualified technical team and a laboratory in

which they carry out tests on the new products to guarantee the flow rate, range, loss of charge,

etc. to engineering companies and installers.

Euroclima Difusión S.A. has developed, over the last few years a series of products that stand out

for their innovation, practical utility and quality.